Basic Kit - Sides Graphics, Numbers, Driver's name, shipping* = $453.90 .....

Basic Kit + Nose/ Hood Graphic or Sail Panel Graphics, shipping* = $543.90

Basic Kit + Nose / Hood Graphic & Sail Panel Graphics shipping* = $633.90 .

Demon Fire Design:

This wrap kit comes with black background only. Made for black cars or use the basic kit for two tone cars with black sides as the color scheme. The design has a custom rocket fire look. The Demon Fire comes in 7 colors from standard orange / yellow to brilliant blue, green, purple and more. Available with custom add-ons - matching nose / hood graphic ($90) and or left and right side sail panel graphics ($90).

Numbers and Lettering:

All numbers are included in the Demon Fire Kit. Use our digital printed numbers or overlay with speciality vinyl (Hologram, Mirror Lens, etc. extra $60 charge) for an added reflective look. Make sure your track rules allow reflective numbers before purchase. See our Numbers and Lettering Styles specific to Modified Race Cars. Have a specific custom number that you use all the time? We can re-create that number at no charge! Send us the image and we can re-create the number(s) to be added to your graphic design. See the Numbers Styles that are included in our graphic kits.

**Sponsor Graphics:

In most situations Sponsor Graphics are Free! Use just lettering and sponsor logo jpeg files that you supply within the graphic design areas. Any lettering or logos outside the graphic areas will be additional material and would be subject to an additional charge. iHotRod's own 3D lettering can be subject to additional charge when creating a large quanity (3D letters need to be individually hand type set into place).

* Shipping $23.95 FedEx Ground (3 to 4 working days). No Signature Required.