For Black Cars Only!

Small Version (without sail panels):

Basic Kit - Side Graphics, Numbers, 2 Driver's names = $520.00 + shipping*

Basic Kit + Nose / Hood Graphic = $685.00 + shipping*

Wrap Version (with sail panels):

Basic Kit - Side & Sail Graphics, Numbers, 2 Driver's names = $770.00 + shipping*

Basic Kit + Nose / Hood Graphic = $860.00 + shipping*

Afterburner Design:

This kit is for black cars and design comes with black background only. 7 diiferent vivid colors in 2 different sizes, makes this a great kit from econo version to full wrap (minus roof panel & pillar post graphics). The design has a custom streak that gives a re-entering the earth's atmosphere look. The Basic Kit (small version) comes with side panel graphics, all car numbers (including roof number) and two driver's names @ 2" x 16". The wrap version Basic Kit (wrap version) is the same but has sail panels added. Matching full wrap nose / hood panel graphic is used on the small and wrap versions.. We use the highest quality 3M brand digital print vinyl and a super tuff, high gloss clear vinyl laminate for extra protection.

To purchase click on the Buy Now Button above and purchase from our secure shopping cart. Then we'll need your dimensions from our race car template page. Select and use the Modified template and enter your dimensions into iHotRod's Modified Information Page.

Numbers and Lettering:

All numbers are included in the Afterburner Kit. Use our digital printed numbers or overlay with speciality vinyl (Hologram, Mirror Lens, etc. extra $60 charge) for an added reflective look. Make sure your track rules allow reflective numbers before purchase. See our Numbers and Lettering Styles specific to Modified Race Cars. Have a specific custom number that you use all the time? We can re-create that number at no charge! Send us the image and we can re-create the number(s) to be added to your graphic design. See the Numbers Styles that are included in our graphic kits.

**Sponsor Graphics:

In most situations Sponsor Graphics are Free! Use just lettering and sponsor logo jpeg files that you supply within the graphic design areas. Any lettering or logos outside the graphic areas will be additional material and would be subject to an additional charge. iHotRod's own 3D lettering can be subject to additional charge when creating a large quanity (3D letters need to be individually hand type set into place).


Estimated at $23.90 FedEx Ground (3 to 4 shipping days). No Signature Required. See our shopping cart on this design for shipping options (FedEx, US Postal Service) with exact shipping cost. We Ship Worldwide!